Horse Training Program

Customized Training for Rider

The horse training Program will improve horses in all sport horse disciplines.  Green horses can become more ride-able, dressage training can provide turning, lengthening and shortening of the strides, and more throughness to the bit.  

HORSE SHOWS:  If you want to show your horse in the dressage discipline, our training program can get you and your horse ready for the next level of training. Learning how to get 8's and 9's on movements instead of 5's or 6's can make a real difference in your show results.  For hunters and jumpers and event horses, improving the flat work and throughness to the bit will improve the jumping and the flat classes.  

Whatever your discipline, our training program will get you in better communication with your horse and help you learn skills and confidence to ride your horse better.

The horse training program is designed to improve horses trust and acceptance of leadership from their human caretakers and riders.  Horses will be trained to improve their acceptance of the aids from the rider and to move forwards, backwards, left and right. This training results in the rider having more control and the horse having more respect of the rider.

The horse’s ride-ability will be improved through the recognized dressage exercises that were designed to improve flexibility and strength.  The exercises will improve the horses balance and his ability to be steered by the rider.

Natural Horsemanship techniques will be used to teach the principles of moving away from pressure from the ground.  These principles will be instrumental in bridging working horses from the ground to working horses from the saddle. 

The end result of basic training is that the horse is ready to move on to sports or disciplines that is the owners goal.  This training will prepare the horse to advance towards dressage, combined training/eventing, hunter-jumper, western or trail riding. 

More advanced training is available for horses that are ready to move on.