Horseback Riding Programs

Lantern Lane Farm is an Equestrian Training Center that offers Horseback Riding Lessons, Horseback Riding Vacations, Horse Training, Riding Clinics and Specialized Summer and Holiday Programs.  We have beautiful arena, lovely jumps, and miles of gorgeous Virginia countryside to ride upon.  Below is short explanation of our programs.  You may click on the side bars for more information.

Riding Lessons and Horse Training

Lantern Lane Farm provides horseback riding lessons for all ages and abilities, from beginners, to recreational riders, to those who want to fine tune their skills for serious showing.  The philosophy of the farm is to teach people to learn to ride in the safest possible manner, to know how what they do helps or hinders the horse, and to have fun in the process.  We teach Balanced Seat Riding for beginners, English and Western, Dressage, Jumping and Natural Horsemanship. 

Debbie Training School Horse

The horse training program is designed to help horses become more respectful to the handler/rider and more able to receive the correct aids of the rider.  Using ground work plus classical training methods to make the horse balanced and steerable, teaching the horse to ride out cross country, lateral movements, load on a trailer, clipping, and bathing; horses become more connected to their owners because of training.  We can also teach them to be calm and attentive at horse shows while teaching the owners how to show.  We have safe schooled horses to teach people how to ride, with a certified riding instructor and trainer to work with both riders and horses in training.  See side bars for more detail.


 Riding Vacation Program

Our goal at Lantern Lane Farm is to offer you a week-end to a week of "horsey bliss" in a quiet country setting away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. If your riding vacation dream includes riding once, twice, or three times a day, country air, mountain views,  riding out cross country, or just plain enjoying being around horses, come spend some time with us.  For riders who cannot be away for a whole week, our customized riding vacation program may work better for you.  For riders who want detailed study on a particular subject, a riding clinic may be more in order.  There are charming Bed and Breakfast's within minutes of the farm and hotels about twenty minutes away. We are an equestrian training center with a certified instructor/trainer, Debbie Craig.

Season Riding Programs

Lantern Lane Farm offers age-group specific programs suited to people’s schedules throughout the year. For instance, in summer and on certain holiday periods, children can ride on weekdays.  Adults often like to take a couple days off for a mini vacation or clinic that does not seriously interrupt their ongoing schedules.  One or both parents often can take off at the same time their children can ride, so that they too have a fun experience with horses.  Throughout the year we set up specific opportunities that capitalize on this, and we can also accommodate special group or family requests.  Check here periodically for the latest opportunities. Summer Programs:  Until school begins, we provide the following opportunities:

Children: Half day Monday through Friday programs from 9 to 12 am and from 2 to 5 pm.

Under the guidance of a qualified riding instructor, children learn the basics of horsemanship and how to sit on and steer the horse. They will also be given opportunities to learn about kinds of horses, colors of horses, and parts of the horse and its tack.  The children will learn how to groom and tack their horses so that by the end of the week they know what is involved in preparing a horse for a riding lesson. 

Teens With Riding Experience: Half day Monday through Friday programs from 9 to 12 and from 2 to 5

Teens who have had some riding experience will improve on the skills they have already gained.  Depending on the skills they possess, they will learn more about cantering skills, cavaletti and basic jumping skills, rein aids and their effects, as well as how to ride a basic dressage test. They will also gain some experience in riding to music.

Adults: Will learn skills that enhance their ability to control horses, canter, and ride out of the arena, maybe even ride out on trails.  The adult programs are all about giving the adults what they want to learn and experience with horses.