Seasonal Fun Activities

Trail Ride With DebbieSEASONAL FUN ACTIVITIES: Lantern Lane Farm offers seasonal riding programs for adults, children and teens in order to give riding experience and equestrian training to each group.  Our riding program for children is designed to be similar to our clinic program for adults.  Children will have daily riding lessons, as well as un-mounted lessons to teach them horsemanship skills and what is involved in caring for horses.  We have developed a half day program with a choice of morning or afternoon to shorten the amount of time the children are out in the heat. For the adults, there are three hour blocks of time in the morning, or three hour blocks of time in the evening to choose from for three consecutive days.

CHILDREN AND TEENS: Will learn to ride with a qualified riding instructor as well as learn all basic aspects of horsemanship.  By the end of the week, they will have learned the basics of learning how to trot while on the lunge line and some ability to steer the horse around the arena.  They will be able to identify the parts of the horse, saddle and bridle.  They will have some knowledge of the names of the colors of horses and will be able to identify some of the American breeds of horses.

TEENS WITH RIDING EXPERIENCE: Teens who have had some riding experience will improve on the skills they already gained.  Depending on the skills they came with, they will learn more about cantering skills, cavaletti and basic jumping skills, and how to ride a dressage test.

ADULTS:  Will learn skills that enhance their ability to control horses, canter, and ride out of the arena maybe even ride out on trails.  The adult programs are all about giving the adults what they want to learn and experience with horses.  The adult program involves one riding lesson per day, one unmounted lesson regarding riding theory and principles that will enhance their riding, and one lesson on horse care.  These sessions can be three evening three hour blocks of time 6:00 to 9:00, or mornings from 9:00 to 12:00.

The riding lessons will offer lunging the rider for better balance and learning arena patterns for steering. There will be one other person on the ground or handling the lunge line to help adults keep order while learning to ride.  The atmosphere of the lessons is all about having fun as well as learning.  An opportunity for an adult to feel like they have gone to "camp".  The sessions have been designed for three hour blocks of time to deal with the time and climate of the season.